The unparalleled launchpad leading to the next chapter of crypto and beyond

Built upon the innovation of “Initial X Offerings”, SnapFingers Square presents sets of premier investment strategies to leverage assets for maximum profit.


Opportunities for value capturing are all over the crypto space, yet sometimes there are too many options to choose from. SnapFingers Research provides users with our insights on these collaborated projects so that our users can have clearer ideas of which offerings they decide to take. Moreover, Snapfingers Research periodically publishes in-depth project analyses and industrial reports for all crypto participants to keep track of and the potential interactions and interoperability among projects and the evolution of entire blockchain.


Rooted in crypto communities, SnapFingers has developed our own Guild among various projects and their users during the initial bull run of GameFi. By joining our Guild, users can get the premier accesses to all trendy blockchain gaming projects and more first-hand information on the latest updates; meanwhile, Square issues initial offerings from these games, such as in-game NFTs, to grant our users more in-game advantages and potential yields.